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Happy new Year 2019 Loving Quotes


Happy New Year 2019 Loving Quote.

Quote Number 10

          "I Don't Think You understand Exactly, How Much i want Your Lips". 

 Quote Number 9

Love Is Composed Of Single Soul, Inhabiting Two Bodies

Quote Number 8 

If I Did Anything Right in My Life, it Was When I gave My Heart TO You.

 Quote Number 7

You May Hold My Hand For a While, But You Hold My Heart Forever.

 Quote Number 6

Every Time I See You I Fall In Love All Over Again.

 Quote Number 5

When I Kiss You, I Can Taste Your Soul

Quote Number 4

Where There is Love, There is Life

 Quote Number 3

My Love Is For you Is a Jurney, Starting At FOREVER ending NEVER.

 Quote Number 2

You Are The First And Last Thing on my Mind Easy And Every Day.

Quote Number 1

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For You Se, Each Day I Love You More Today More Than Yesterday And Less Than Tomorrow
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